Links to Online Works

Much of the promotion and writing I’ve done is still live online. Check out some of the websites I’ve run, social media I’ve headed up, and articles published for other websites.


Three-Penny Theatre Website  The main hub for event information on current and past shows, along with promotional materials and ticket sales. The site is still currently active for each theatre season.

Arts for Change Today Blog – Functioned as our main online information hub for Arts for Change Today, our Davis Projects for Peace summer camp in 2011. I designed the site, drafted most of the information, and functioned as the webmaster and contact during the summer.

Social Media

Three-Penny Theatre Facebook – Main hub for all of Three-Penny Theatre, featuring updates, promotional photos, news, and contests about the shows.

Ghosts Facebook – Main hub for the first show from The Lord Nelson Players theatre troupe, and a show in the first Three-Penny Theatre summer season.

Arts for Change Today Facebook  – Used to promote the aforementioned summer camp in conjunction with the blog in 2011.

What’s Your Strategy Facebook – Used to promote the What’s Your Strategy campaign for the Randolph-Macon campus in 2010.

Alice in Wonderland Facebook Fan Page – Used to promote Alice in Wonderland, a Randolph-Macon production that also functioned as a benefit for a local charity foundation in 2010.

The Yellow Jacket Newspaper Facebook and Twitter – Though now run by the current staff, I created and ran the pages from 2010-2011, heading up the newspaper’s first foray into sustainable online media.

Published Works

KSiteTV Articles – A comprehensive list of my television-centered features, news and reviews for KSiteTV from 2012 to now, an internet news source which receives on average 35,000 – 75,000 hits daily. You can find my articles on its sister sites as well: GreenArrowTV and FlashTVNews. All editorials and reviews have been compiled here.