Local Non-Profits

Arts for Change Today

actArts for Change Today (A.C.T.) Summer Camp,was a non-profit, week long summer camp in 2011 for high school students. It helped utilize the arts as a means of opening the different channels of communication regarding the importance of tolerance and diversity. Funded by the “Davis Projects for Peace” Grant, the camp helped students gain an understanding of problems that are created through prejudice and hatred, and they learned to use the arts to gain a deeper sense of self by showing that individuality stands as a key to being part of a greater community.

Aside from building the project from the ground up with my four co-founders, my role was of Information and Technology Chair. I handled much of the documentation, e-mail marketing and designs, and created and ran the official blog.

Three-Penny Theatre

1005073_622804571062989_592685983_nThree-Penny Theatre is an initiative I co-founded in 2013 with The Gayton Kirk, Kirk member Ray Carver, and my local theatre troupe, The Lord Nelson Players. Productions are based on original works, be they new adaptations of classic tales like A Christmas Carol, or completely new shows by local playwrights. Most shows aim to embrace Richmond’s rich heritage and history, while also addressing the social issues and worldviews that have come up as this historic city has changed over the generations.

The theatre’s goal is to attract people of all ages and backgrounds, regular theatre-goers or not. As such, all tickets are pay what you want: $1, $3, $5, $10—whatever you choose, meaning no financial commitment.

My role in Three-Penny Theatre had me co-write two productions, act in three, and design the sound and scenery for numerous others. I also created the official logo, official website and archives, as well as the official Facebook page.