Welcome To Derek B. Gayle’s Portfolio!

10531472_10202002888504939_8870560956932152535_oMan, talking about yourself is tough, isn’t it?

The hardest question I get asked is “what do you like to do best?” I’ve dabbled in a hodgepodge of media, but the one key factor is always the ability to create, and use that creation to inform and excite.

As a result, my experience ranges from journalistic hard news, to informal and fun features, to writing my own plays, to handling social media, to graphic print design, to a wide range of film. Simply put, I like to do lots of stuff.

Please take a look around and see what’s been developed throughout my experiences, including influential editor positions with my college newspaper, ad campaigns with non-profit organizations, TV criticism, and the co-founding of a non-profit camp and local theatre. Feel free to shoot me any questions, comments, or criticism at derekbgayle@gmail.com.